Where to Buy Flipeez Hats

Flipeez hats are so cool, especially for Christmas this year. At this time you can only buy them at flipeez.com, and maybe at eBay. They are not at Amazon yet.

I think my favorite could be twitchy cat maybe just for the name alone, but of course the purple and pink ears that move are pretty cute too. Oops actually it is twitchy Kitty.flipeez

All the flipeez are huggy monkey, curious owl, peekaboo monster, playful puppy, rascally rabbit, and ranger racoon.

there is such a wide selection of colors and characters that these warm hats are perfect for both boys and girls.

Like the commercial says, your kids need a hat anyway so why not get them a cute and fun one where they ears move when you pull on the little strings that hang down. flip eeze! flip easy!

actually what you have to do is push on the little ball that’s in the end of the string that hangs down. This will puff some air up and make the hat do whatever it does. Each one does something a little bit different and looks a little bit different because of its character.

The peekaboo monster is all green andblue and then there are browns and pinks and purples.

have fun with flipeez hats!

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